Analyses reports by e-mail and Internet 

WebCheck is a very effective analysis program for supporting your pro-active maintenance. With this Internet software program, you can easily consult your analysis results. You print them, carry out searches, and draw up statistics per oil type or machine.

With WebCheck, you always have all kinds of useful information about your machines at your fingertips.

As soon as the oil analysis has been carried out, you receive the results via e-mail.
The diagnosis is directly indicated in the mail itself − you receive the report as an attachment. If the message in your Inbox is accompanied by a red exclamation point (!), this means that, on the basis of the diagnosis in the report, you should quickly undertake a maintenance intervention.


WebCheck, the Internet program for the data processing of your oil analyses, has been especially developed to assist you in the pro-active maintenance of your vehicle fleet or machinery. Thanks to this new development, you can now analyze all your machines in detail and prevent serious damage.


With the oil analyses conducted by WearCheck, you can verify via WebCheck:

-    whether abnormal wear is occurring;

-    where the wear is taking place;

-    which part is showing wear;

-    how advanced the wear is;

-    what is causing the wear.

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